Personal Training

We know how hard it can be for seniors to become active.  Often they lose motivation to continue in activities they used to enjoy.  They may spend all day watching television and have little interest in taking care of their physical health.  Does this sound familiar to you?  Is your parent not engaging as much as you’d like?

We are here to help.  We keep things as simple as possible by bringing all the equipment, and each session can be carried out in the comfort of your parent’s own living room.  Whether they live at home or in a long term care facility, we do all the prep work so you don’t have to.  We work with your parent’s schedule and also welcome you to join as well.  Sometimes, having a family member there gives them more motivation to participate.

It’s never too late for seniors to start exercising.  If your aging parent has a condition such as arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, or heart disease, our personal trainers will adapt the program for their specific needs.  As you already know, exercise has proven to help for so many conditions.

You may be wondering what our personal trainers do?

Cardio Endurance: As we age, we often lose aerobic fitness and experts believe this contributes to reduced mobility in daily life. A personal trainer can help your ageing parent develop their cardio fitness.

Flexibility: Joints change with age and this can lead to stiffness, decreased range of motion and more injuries. Weights and stretching can increase flexibility.

Balance: Each year, hospitals see thousands of older patients with broken hips due to falling. Balance exercises can help avoid injuries from falls and keep your ageing parent independent and mobile.

Strength training: Maintaining or building muscle mass is vitally important to improve bone density and overall function.

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The day I discovered Spiteri Recreation Therapy Services, was the day my life changed. It is so rare to find someone who is so caring and sympathetic by nature. She helped me exercise in the comfort of my own home. What more can I ask?

Susan E.